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Cuban Masters Series Cuban Tres – Roots of the tres

Roots of Cuban Music

In this lesson Leonel discusses Changüi, Nengon, and Kiriba with examples of course!

If you don't have the Cuban Masters Series Cuban Tres Book get it. All the patterns and more are in it.

Cuban Masters Series Cuban Tres
Cuban Masters Series Cuban Tres


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Let's talk about tres's roots.

I'll be demonstrating a Guantánamo changüí pattern. (Guantánamo is a province in the eastern part of the country.)

This is a changüí pattern… (demonstrates with the tres)

There's also other patterns based on changüí, such as: quirivá and nengón. These authentic rhythms are also from the Guantánamo province.

This is a nengón pattern…(demonstrates with the tres).

"Para ti, nengón. Para ti, nengón…"

There are variations from the changüí family.

Now, this is a kiribá… (plays the tres)