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Guitar Lessons

Cuban or Latin guitar is not really like other styles.

As Dayron Ortega explains in these lessons, Cuban guitarists have adapted and incorporated many differing styles to create a unique way to play guitar.

If you are a guitarist or an arranger of Latin music, these lessons will help you to understand the intricacies of playing guitar in the Cuban way. Dayron even describes how to adapt non-guitar music styles, like mambo, for the guitar.

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Cuban Masters Guitar - Introduction

  Introduction En Español

Cuban Masters Guitar - Patterns part 1

Patterns part 1 (Matamoros and Arsenio) English [S3VIDEO file="video/Guitar-patterns-1-en.mp4"] En Español [S3VIDEO file="video/Guitar-patterns-1-es.mp4"]
Cuban Masters Series Guitar - Bordoneo

Cuban Masters Series Guitar - Bordoneo

Bordoneo - Strumming In this Cuban guitar masters class, Dayron Ortega talks about the different strumming that is done in Cuban music. [S3VIDEO file='video/Guitar/Bordoneo-Strumming.mp4'] Transcript The bordoneo is very characteristic in the...