Leonel talks about the guaira pattern and how to play it on the Cuban Tres. This very typical guajira pattern can be easily be changed to a major key.
In this lesson Leonel "Guajiro" Gonzalez talks a little more about the history of the Cuban tres guitar. Its role and what music styles feature the Cuban tres.
Leonel discusses the origins of the Cuban tres, its tuning and shows a few patterns both traditional and modern son.
In this video Leonel talks about the mambo and how to play it on the Cuban tres. This is a somewhat advanced lesson, so make sure your fingers are ready!
In this lesson Leonel discusses the roots of the Cuban tres, Changüi, Nengon, and Kiriba with examples of course!
The bolero is the combination of emotions and harmonic concepts. Like any other style, we need to have a wide harmonic knowledge and a refined musical taste.
In this episode, Emilio Morales discusses the Cha-cha-chá. The cha-cha-chá is a style that is majestic in essence.
Let's talk about the style known as danzón. This is a very peculiar style within Cuban music, since it has several different playing outlines.
Leonel talks about playing timba on the tres. This is an advanced lesson, but take your time and practice.
In this video, Emilio Morales explains son montuno for pianists.