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Most of you probably heard, but in case you didn't, Juan Formell died yesterday. He was the founder of Los Van Van and an innovator in Cuban music with the formation of Songo with Blas Egües and Changuito.
Tumba Francesa House - Guantanamo (Christian Pirkl)

I just ran across a very interesting presentation on Tumba Francesa. It was given by Mirta Gomez at the beginning of the year for the Library of Congress. It was ...

Joseito Fernandez and Guantanamera

Most people know what is arguably the most famous Cuban song ever written, but do they know the composer?

The song is Guantanamera, and the composer was Joseito Fernandez. Ask ...

Cuba, land of trova
Even though many people aren't familiar with trova, and particularly nueva trova, it is a very diverse genre of music.