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Welcome to Salsa Blanca

  • Cuba is a fascinating island, and for many, the forbidden island. Salsa Blanca has been teaching about Cuba for over 15 years, and we hope that you enjoy our articles on Cuba and Cuban music. Whether you are interested in taking a trip to Cuba and want …

Cuban Guitar – History and Technique

  • https://youtu.be/6cgNmidBwSI Cuban Masters Series – Cuban Guitar This was originally going to be book 3 of the Cuban Masters Series, but I decided there wasn’t really enough to make a full book. That means you get it for free! Learn to play Cuban style …

Tumbao in G minor for Guitar and Cuban Tres

  • Tumbao in gminor phrygian

    Tumbao in G minor for Cuban tres and guitar Many guitarists I’ve talked to want to know how to play tumbao on the guitar. Don’t confuse montunos, which are a section of a tune, with tumbao. I created this for someone and decided to add the tres part as …

Learn About Cuban Music

  • Help support this site If you found any of the information valuable, please consider purchasing my books or videos. Cuban Masters Series – The Cuban Tres 54 Page Book or DVD (works with the book) Learn to play the Cuban tres from a true master. In this …

Cuban Masters Class – Chucho Valdes

  • Cuban Masters Class Featuring Chucho Valdes Another archive from DAT, sorry, no video, but a great lecture. This was from 1995 and recorded at La ENA in Havana Cuba. Enjoy this piece of history.

Masters Class with José Luis Quintana (Changuito)

  • This was a seminar at La ENA in Havana Cuba. It features: Changuito – Percussion Carlos Del Puerto – Bass Pupy Pedroso – Piano