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Made from the jawbone of a donkey, with it's original teeth intact, the quijada is a member of the idiophone family. The quijada is traditionally used in Peru and Cuba ...
Campana Cubana - Cowbell
There are many people who don’t understand the importance of the campana (cowbell) in Cuban music. Even though the bongo player usually plays the parts, if there is no bongo ...
Cuban Tres
The first thing to understand about the Cuban tres is that it is a rhythm instrument. Even though it looks like a guitar, the actual playing of it is rhythmic with melodic lines. Chords are seldom “strummed”, and in many styles the Cuban tres strengthens the melody line a 3rd or a 6th above with rhythmic fills in between.
Marimbula - The Cuban Thumb Piano image
The Cuban Marimbula is a type of thumb piano originating from the Bantu culture. In Cuba, it is called marimbula or clave. It has a single row of keys that are made of metal.