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The Quijada – Jawbone

October 20, 2021

Made from the jawbone of a donkey, with it’s original teeth intact, the quijada is a member of the idiophone family.

The quijada is traditionally used in Peru and Cuba, but other Latin American countries use it as well. For instance, the quijada will accompanies the marimba in Honduras and Costa Rica.

An interesting note is Cuba, the Quijada generally plays the “slap” on the 1, more of an effect. Peru and other South American countries use it more as a “g├╝iro”, since they traditionally didn’t have other scraped instruments. See the examples below.

Here is an example of the Cuban style.

Son Montuno using Quijada and Marimbula

And here is a piece of how it would be played in Festejo style in Peru.

Festejo Quijada Part

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