Casino Rueda (Rueda de Casino) is a group dance and features two or more couples who exchange partners based on someone calling the turns. Rueda means wheel in Spanish and Casino is the term in Cuba for what we call in the US, “Salsa”.

There are several core steps that are danced the same all over the world, although some variations exist. On top of that, there are localized steps that many times mock popular culture icons.

Because of the improvisational nature of the person calling the steps, Rueda is a very fluid style. So, if you are going to dance this style, do like the Cubans and not worry about what others think. Go out and have fun. Listen to the music and of course, listen to the leader calling the steps.

This video was recorded on the Malecon in Havana Cuba, and features the group Ban Rarra.

Watch Casino Rueda on the Malecon in Havana Cuba

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